The Key to Reducing Bloat..

How many times have you looked at your body and hated how your stomach is so bloated? Or you feel like there’s a rock in your stomach after eating something and it hurts?

Even though it may be ‘normal’ to you…bloating is not normal.

Bloating is your body gaining inflammation around your stomach to protect itself from something it doesn’t like.

This could be a wide range of things that cause your bloating such as 

  • A food it doesn’t digest well
  • Alcohol
  • You’ve been highly stressed
  • You haven’t slept well

That’s a very short list but some of the common problems I see within clients.

The first thing I suggest to any client who is struggling with this is to keep a food diary. Most of my clients track their food intake anyways so I just tell them to write down any notes of how you feel 20-45 minutes after eating or drinking anything.

Some things to pay attention to would be the quantity or quality of food, what was paired together, how did you cook it or was it raw, when did you train, etc.

After doing this for a week or 2 you may start to find commonalities of “oh, when I eat this I feel like shit after”. Then you could eliminate that food for a couple weeks and see if you notice any differences.

If you are simply waking up with more bloat and inflammation, it could be how close to bed you’re eating. Your body has a harder time digesting things in your sleep so by not eating an hour before bed you could see improvements.

If you don’t eat close to bed but are still waking up bloated, it’s most likely due to not sleeping deep or long enough or you have a lot of stress in your life.

Obviously if possible, sleep more. I use my Cured Nutrition Zen CBD every night to help me get the best night sleep ever. You can use code laurentaylor at check out – I swear by this stuff and it will also help with your stress which is a great bonus!!

The first thing you want to do is get down to the root issue of your bloat is what I’m trying to bring across. I’ll touch on some things next on simple ways to help in the moment, but those are short fixes for your problem. You want to minimize the amount of times you’re feeling this bloat because it’s getting in the way of your health!

Okay, so the quick fix in the moment things I do to help with how uncomfortable bloating can feel :

  • Go for a walk
  • Drink room temperature water – preferably with a lemon
  • Have some warm tea
  • Drink a GoldThread turmeric drink
  • Lay up against a wall and put my feet up
  • Stretch / Yoga

Hopefully these things help you out and give you some perspective on why you may be feeling gross throughout the day! I am here to help you with any of your health and fitness goals and I want to see you succeed and feel the best you’ve ever felt in your body ; click here to see my coaching options I have available and sign up for a free consult!



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