Trader Joe’s Must Haves

Happy Sunday friends! What day do you do your grocery shopping on? I like to get my done sometime during the week because I hate the crowds on the weekend but lately with school being back in session, Saturday mornings have been my go-to. It’s still super crazy and I end up waiting in long lines, but Trader Joe’s is definitely worth the wait!

The closest Trader Joe’s to my house is still a decent ways of a drive so I only make it there about once a month which makes me sad because it has all my favorite things at a good price!

The one thing that is really hard is that they are very seasonal and so something I really love in the fall or summer might not be there right now.

Here are my must have items from Trader Joe’s, let me know if you buy any of the same stuff or if there’s other things I need to try out! There are healthy and not so healthy things on this list FYI!

  • Cauliflower (& sweet potato) gnocchi
  • Fried rice
  • Orange Chicken
  • Chili lime chicken burgers
  • Vanilla greek yogurt low sugar
  • Chicken sausage
  • Honestly any of their produce is really good
  • Salad kits – haven’t had a bad one yet!
  • Hold the Cone Mini ice cream cones
  • Crunchy cookie butter
  • Everything But the Bagel Seasoning
  • Corn & Chili salsa

I know I’m missing stuff so drop below your favorites and let’s have a great week!



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