Uplift Gut Happy Cookies Review

As I’ve been counting macros for a couple years now, I used to just look at the calories and macros before deciding if I was going to eat it. Now, as I’ve been focusing on my macros with more emphasis on whole foods and just foods that make me feel good inside and out.

Therefore, I’ve been trying to find more foods that fit this, especially processed foods since they traditionally have more added crap inside of them.

I feel like I always have to preface this by saying, yes you can still eat ‘junk food’ and processed foods and you don’t have to strictly eat a clean diet all the time. I’m just pointing out that eating more of a clean diet is what has helped me feel and look my best. I still enjoy all the other things and would do a lot for a fried Nashville hot chicken sandwich or a good burger!

Okay, back to the snacks…

I got their sample pack and I’m always super cautious when eating things with marketing claims like ‘gut healthy’. Your gut will not cured by this product or magically you’ll feel better because you had this. Sometimes there’s some weird after tastes to products with these claims because of the high fiber count in there, but these weren’t too bad!

I tried 3 different flavors: the chocolate peanut butter, salted almond butter, and the sunflower butter with chia seed.

Overall pros: good macros for the package, love that it’s organic, and leaves you feeling full and cures that sweet tooth craving! Texture is really good with each of the flavors and not grainy at all!

Overall cons: High in fiber : depending on how much fiber you eat, these could make you feel more bloated or have stomach discomfort (read this post for more info on fiber), I would like more filling to cookie ratio but that’s just my preference!

Chocolate peanut butter: 8/10 and by far my favorite. The chocolate balanced the peanut butter so well and I just personally am a sucker for this flavor. There wasn’t any weird after taste either.

Sunflower butter with vanilla and chia: 7/10 this one was okay but I felt like it was missing something, I just couldn’t pinpoint what it was. The texture was really good though!

Salted almond butter with vanilla and hemp seed: 5/10 I really liked this one on the first couple bites and then it got this weird after taste to it. Not sure if it was the hemp seed or something else in there but I would not gravitate towards this one on the shelf. The others were much better!

If you want to try these out, I know you can find them on amazon here their website or using thrive market.

If you’ve tried these, let me know which one was your favorite or what other healthy foods you’ve been loving! I want to try some more things out there and I think they make for some different fun blogs!



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