Vegetarian Protein Sources

Lent is upon us (if you celebrate) and I am always shocked at how I really struggle to hit my protein number without having meat sources. I am a huge meat eater and if I don’t plan beforehand I will only eat around 50 grams of protein.

Here’s my grocery list items that I look for each week to keep on hand for Fridays over lent. 

The only thing to be careful of is to not eat too many ‘high protein’ labeled snack foods. They can be great for when you need something quick but should not make up the bulk of your meals for the whole day. You can see a lot of digestive issues if you’re going for “protein pancakes. Protein chips. Protein pasta. Protein this that and whatever they label”. Include some fish and other good protein sources to your day. 

If you end up being slightly less high on your intake for the day that’s okay just get back to it tomorrow!

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