What’s better? steady state or hiit?

Hey guys, what kind of workouts do you love to do? The majority of my workouts are lifting and then I incorporate some short walks a few times a week because I’ve found mentally I need it.

I have gotten a few questions regarding steady state vs HIIT style training and which one is better so I thought I’d address it! To be honest, it is really going to depend on a few things…

  1. Your preference. I am a huge believer of only doing workouts you enjoy (unless you are training for something that you need)
  2. Time constraints. Steady state you will need to spend more time doing to get the same amount of calories burned than a HIIT style workout which is usually a shorter amount of time. However, with HIIT you can only exceed so much time doing it a week because it is more taxing on your body and it needs to recover. I don’t suggest more than a few sessions a week!
  3. Your goals. Obviously if you are someone who is training for a sport or competition, you may need to utilize one over the other. You can gain muscle and lose weight doing either style FYI (you just may need to change your nutrition a little bit to reach those goals)
Down below are a few graphics that show you the differences between the 2 styles of cardio and why you might choose one over the other!

I personally am someone that never trains HIIT style sessions because I simply don’t like them. I would much prefer to go for a walk outside than sprint on and off for 20 minutes. But that does not mean that you need to, if you love explosive quick movements, then DO IT. Hopefully this helped a little bit for you to understand the differences and what you can implement in your training!

Which do you prefer? HIIT or steady state? Let me know if this was a helpful post or what other questions you have related to fitness I can help you with!



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