Why I Invested in a Coach Again

As a fitness coach I always thought I was going to be like all the other fitness influencers out there that post about their workouts, seem to know exactly what to eat, how to get the body they want, and do it all on their own.

I, however much I try to instill that in myself, am not.

I suck at holding myself accountable.

I struggle to follow through on promises I make for myself.

I cheat my workouts by not going hard enough or often enough.

I don’t hit my macros consistently.

And because I’m not holding myself accountable, every other area of my life starts to go downhill as well.

Because we all know that when our health isn’t optimal, it affects everything else in our lives.

So I sought out a coach and started working with her 2 weeks ago.

I can honestly say I found my groove again.

My workouts have been fire.

I am hitting my macros again.

I am more motivated to post on social media.

I have more energy throughout my day.

I have been springing out of bed in the morning.

Not because I’m doing anything drastically different than I was before, but because I am back on the grind of putting me first.

I think it’s easy for me to fall back into old patterns and while I am trying to be an exceptional coach, teacher, fiance, influencer (?), and dog mom, with everything in between, I end up putting myself last.

And it’s not until I have money in the game that I put myself at the top of that list.

And because I’m at the top, I show up as a better me in all of those areas.

I signed up for a whole year of coaching because I know as a coach myself, 3 or even 6 months only gets you so far and I needed the accountability for the whole 2022 year.

If I am expecting my clients to put themselves first, I have to be the role model they need and lead from the front.



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