With everybody now switching to being online and working from home, I compiled a list of what the best things I’ve found that work for me are. Now, don’t take this as an end all be all for working from home and what you should do. This is just what helps me and what I’ve found to work best, feel free to do whatever works best for YOU. Let me know in the comments if you do any of these or if there’s one you’re going to try out this week!

  1. Create a routine/schedule. Doesn’t matter what it is or what time you start your day. I like to keep mine as similar to my daily routine for work as I can. But I get up a little later than normal and go to bed a little later too. I suggest writing this out or getting a planner with the hours written on it to plug things in to.

    2. Get ready for the day. If I am wearing even just joggers and a sweatshirt but my make-up is done, I am so much more productive. Get up and shower in the morning like you normally would for work and get at least a little presentable.

    3. Take walking breaks. There’s nothing worse than sitting down for hours at a time. Take 1 or 2 different breaks where you physically get out of your chair (not just checking your phone) and get outside. Even if it’s just for 10-15 minutes, it helps so much. Or set a timer to go off once an hour and just get up from your chair and move around a little before sitting back down.

    4. Create a working space. I am someone who can’t work from my bed. Use a desk or your kitchen table, but use the same spot every day and you’ll start to associate sitting there to getting work done.

    5. Turn off distractions. Since we are all having more ‘down’ time, it’s so easy to sit on your phone for an hour and not realize it. Or to have Netflix playing in the background and forget about what you were doing and all of a sudden you’re on season 3 of a show you just started.

    6. Stay away from the snacks. It can be so easy to gravitate to the kitchen (I am so guilty), but if you carve out times for your meals, stick to it and don’t wander in the kitchen unless you need to fill up your water bottle.



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